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music & lyrics by ETHAN ANDERSEN

The future of your past.

The year is 2052. Chloe works for YOUlogy, a company that assembles a highlight reel of your life so you're remembered at your very best. She's on track to win a big promotion, but with a sudden change of criteria, she is now in last place. Under pressure to win, Chloe makes some dangerous choices that will bring her closer to her past and change her future. YOUlogy is a future(ish) musical that will leave you questioning the digital memories you are leaving behind.

YOUlogy received an NYC industry reading in May 2018.

2018 Reading Cast:
Lianah Sta. Ana, Conor Ryan, Benjamin Howes, Nick Martinez,

Marcy McGuigan, Kevin Pariseau, Talia Thiesfield
Directed by Amy Jones, Music Directed by Chris Ranney

Photos by George Simon

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