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book, music & lyrics by ETHAN ANDERSEN

inspired by Rootabaga Stories by CARL SANDBURG

Join Gimme the Ax as he reads and travels aboard the Rootabaga Express, a train that hoots, clangs, and pfisty-pfoosts all the way to the fantastical Rootabaga Country where boys shrink to bugs, rusty rats are heroes, and the moon dances with shoes at night. Take your own trip to Rootabaga Country in this exciting and vibrant new musical and celebrate the joy of imagination!

Rootabaga Express! premiered at Flat Rock Playhouse in 2016

and is produced and performed every summer at

the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site.

Photos by Treadshots

Rootabaga Express! - "At Home" Recording

was recorded safely under quarantine during the summer of 2020

Featured Soloists:

Lisa K. Bryant, Preston Dyar, Emily Fink, Maddie Franke, Jared Goldsmith, Ben Hope, Katie Barton Hope, Alfred Jackson, Charlie Johnson, Amy Jones, Guy Lemonnier, Dennis Maulden, Marcy McGuigan, Bill Muñoz, Ryah Nixon, Erin Rubico, Natalie Storrs, and Scott Treadway

Ensemble Vocals:

Evan Bertram, Anthony Bruno, Julian Burzynski, Blair Ely, Nathan Fister, Kalonjee Gallimore, Iliana Garcia, Louis Hansen, Carli Hardon, Candice Hatakeyama, Jake Kantor, Renée La Schiazza, Danny Martin, Grace McLaughlin, Resa Mishina, Cassidy Mitchell, Jack Murphy, Lindsay Patton, Molly Penny, BB Stone, Christine Wanda, and Brian Wittenberg.

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